How to Create your Own Secure VPN

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This article provides practical information for how to create your own secure VPN.

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I guess it's needless to say everyone needs a VPN to both access the website is restricted by your ISP or your government and also keep your Internet traffic secure.

So everyone deserves a VPN when it comes to many VPN providers. The prices may not be as cheap and many People may not even be able to afford it.

One more problem that comes with using VPN services of the company is to judge. How trustworthy that VPN is whether it is a truly no log VPN or if they indeed Maintain a log of your internet traffic Which kind of nullifies the whole? The concept of using a VPN if you ask me so.

one solution to this create your own VPN and use it now it might look a bit crazy but it is actually pretty simple you can create your own VPN in less than 10 minutes and start using it so.

What is VPN :


VPN is also known as virtual private network. VPN is creates a safe connection from the user to the private network, regardless of geographic location.

How to create own VPN :

First download outline manager and install it. Outline makes it easy to create a VPN server, giving anyone access to the free and open internet.

How to set up all configurations :


Download the Outline Client app and install from the Google Play store or App store, and connect to a VPN server using your unique access key. The Outline Client app is available for mobile devices and desktop or PC, so you can access the open internet and communicate privately using the Outline VPN wherever you are and from all of your devices.

Once you’ve connected your own devices using the Outline VPN, you can share unique access keys to you and your friends or co-workers. Now Well done your own VPN is created.

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